Swire Shipping

To contact Swire Shipping Auckland, call +64 9 980 9400 or email enquiries@swirecnco.com.

Swire Shipping is the brand name for all liner shipping services operated by The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd. We have provided niche, regional, multipurpose shipping services since 1883 when The China Navigation Company established liner services in Australasia. From our traditional core trading area, the Asia - South Pacific region, we offer shipping links between over 100 ports in Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe the Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent.

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Service Locations

West Coast North America / South East Asia / Papua New Guinea / Australia / Europe / East South East Asia / North Asia


Pacific Independence is owned and operated by Swire Shipping.
Pacific Resolution is owned and operated by Swire Shipping.
Tasman Campaigner is owned and operated by Swire Shipping.