About PFM

Established on 28th March 2001, Pacific Freight Management Ltd (PFM) was designed to service a niche part of the freight shipping market. We are a wholesale sea freight consolidator exporting cargo to and from the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

Our foundations are integrity, knowledge & hard work. We aim to provide a neutral, hassle-free and reliable option into the Pacific for Forwarders, Customs Brokers and Trading Houses. Specialising as a wholesaler in the Pacific Islands has allowed us to build and refine our knowledge and skills, to offer an easy and safe solution in a market known for its complexities, unique characteristics, and political landscape.

Safest hands in the Pacific

We service most of the main ports in the Pacific using as many of the available shipping lines as possible to provide a quicker, more cost-effective, and reliable service. While it would be ideal to offer every ship that goes to every port, in reality, there is not enough cargo ex New Zealand to achieve this. Part of the PFM philosophy is to respect and regard our service providers as importantly as our clients. The strength of these relationships is crucial for us to be able to confidently offer our service.

PFM has contracted agents in all ports, most of whom have been with us since March 2001. Again, we respect and regard our agents as PFM's left and right hands, depending on them to complete our service promise as well as to keep us up-to-date on the specific nuances, ways, and workings of each port.