Shipping Schedule for Papeete, Tahiti

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Port Vessel Name Voyage Cabaf LCL Cutoff ETD ETA Notes
Papeete Npdl Tahiti v11 USD8.72w/m Monday
22 Jul
27 Jul
5 Aug
Capitaine Kupe v42 USD9.40w/m Wednesday
31 Jul
7 Aug
14 Aug
Capitaine Kupe v43 USD9.40w/m Monday
19 Aug
26 Aug
2 Sep
Capitaine Kupe v44 USD9.40w/m Monday
9 Sep
14 Sep
21 Sep

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All cargo is received at Tappers Transport, 373A Neilson St, Penrose, Auckland (view map). For operating hours & procedures, visit the website.

Please note: You must book with PFM first before dropping off cargo. A delivery docket/carters note with a PFM reference on it must be presented or you will be turned away. If you do not have a delivery docket, please call 09 256 2556 or email