Shipping to Papeete, Tahiti

Information about the Papeete shipping port and the specific procedures for importing goods.

PFM Shipping Agent

DHL Global Forwarding Polynesie Francaise

Address:Immeuble Tavararo 2eme Etage
Bp 62255 Faaa
98702 Tahiti
Polynesie Francaise
Contact:Souad Boudjelal
Phone:+689 40 803 160
Fax:+689 40 803 189

Papeete Shipping Schedule

The following table provides a quick summary of upcoming shipping dates for Papeete, Tahiti.

Vessel Name Number LCL Cutoff ETD ETA
Debussy v024 Tuesday
16 Jun
26 Jun
30 Jun
Cap Capricorn v026 Tuesday
30 Jun
10 Jul
14 Jul
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